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Hotel Milano & SPA - Verona - Verona, Veneto, 37121, Italy

The city of Verona

  • Balcone di Giulietta
  • arena di verona

Verona is a synonym for “the ancient city.” Its origins date back to Roman times with the founding of the first settlement on the hill of San Pietro. The evidence of a history so rich and ancient monuments are visible in the streets and squares and even in the underground.

It has a well-defined historical center, just at the turn of the Adige River that runs through it and includes the majestic Piazza Bra with the Arena and Piazza Erbe, which is considered one of the most popular Italian cities in the world.

In one of the most well-known cities in the world and one of the most romantic destinations rich in history and you definitely cannot miss seeing:

Dating back to the 12th century, this house originally belonged to the Dal Cappello family. The confusion of the name with Hat Capuleti was the source of the widespread belief that it was the house of Juliet, the heroine of Shakespeare.

Entrance fee: 4 € (house / tomb € 5). It is located in Via Cappello, 23, 39 tel 0458034303

The Arena

Built by the Romans in the 1st century AD, this stadium played host to gladiators and wild animals. Today it is used mainly for the opera and concerts.

Entrance fee: 4 €. It is located in Piazza Bra 1, phone +39 0458003204+39 0458003204,

Grave of Juliet

According to legend, in Juliet's tomb are the remains of Romeo and Juliet.

Entrance fee: 3 € . It is located on Via Del Portiere. Phone +39 045 800036139 045 8000361,

Palazzo Della Ragione E Torre Dei Lamberti

This 12th-century mansion has a beautiful courtyard in the Romanesque style. The view from the Torre dei Lamberti is literally breathtaking!

Entrance fee: 3 € (4 € including Arche at La Scala) . It is located in Piazza dei Signori, Phone +39 045 803272639 045 8032726,


The castle, built by Can Grande II Della Scala family (1354-1357), was used as a home and as a fortification.

Entrance fee: 4 €. It is located in Corso Castelvecchio , 2, phone +39 0458062611+39 0458062611,

Piazza Delle Erbe

The Forum, the center of the city during the Roman period, was located in this square. The Piazza delle Erbe continued to play the same role for centuries as a meeting place, home to the market and political center of the city.


The Cathedral, originally built in Romanesque style, was rebuilt in the 12th century in an area where the Romans had used the natural hot springs.

Entrance fee: 4 €. It is located in Piazza Bra 1, phone +39 0458003204 -

Roman Theatre

The theater was built in the late 1st century BC and restored in the mid-19th century.

Entrance fee: 3 €. It is located Regaste Redeemer, 2, phone +39 0458000360 -

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